Computer Science Education Week 2010

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University Computer Science departments from every Canadian province will celebrate National Computer Science Education Week on December 5-11, 2010. This week is planned in recognition of the transformative role of computing and the need to bolster computer science at all educational levels.

Activities range from a full-day computer science fair for high school students to workshops for middle-schools students to public laboratory tours.

Find out what is happening in a CS department near you and encourage your local schools to join in the celebration.

More information and resources can be found here.

Press Releases:
Posted Oct. 28/10: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM): "ACM Hails Second Computer Science Education Week to Raise Awareness of Computing and Its Role in Society"

Take a look at creative posters created by eight students for CS Education week

Participating Schools






BC University of Victoria Live simulcast of TEDWomden from Washington on Dec 7 and 8 CS Dept. Event
AL University of Alberta Interactive sessions on robotics, animation and games programming CS Dept. Event
AL University of Calgary Speaker's Bureau talks in High Schools; LINDSAY Demonstration Lab tour; Entrepreneurship talk CS Dept. Event
AL University of Lethbridge Event for grade 6 classes CS Dept. Event
SK University of Regina Luncheon with CIPS CS Dept. Event
SK University of Saskatchewan Connected 2010 CS Dept. Event
MN University of Manitoba Lab on creating and reading QR codes in Java CS Dept. Event
ON Brock University Event for grade 9 and grade 10 CS Dept. Event
ON University of Guelph Tours, grad seminars, industry meet and greet CS Dept. Event
ON Lakehead University Grade 12 Preview Day display CS Dept. Event
ON Laurentian University Open House and activities for high school students CS Dept. Event
ON University of Ottawa CONTACT program for high-school students CS Dept. Event
ON Queen's University Computing camp for girls CS Dept. Event
ON Royal Millitary College of Canada Tours of a Flight Simulation with Motion Platformand Simulated Robot Soccer Competition CS Dept. Event
ON University of Toronto A Day of Exploring CS CS Dept. Event
ON University of Toronto - Mississauga Grade 9 Computer Science Exploration Day CS Dept. Event
ON University of Waterloo CS4U day; Programming competition for girls (PC4G) CS Dept. Event;
ON University of Western Ontario Great moments in Computer Science posters CS Dept. Event
PQ McGill University Campus tour; Career and Education panel discussions; CS Movie viewing; Video game competition CS Dept. Event
PQ Université de Montréal Public lecture and Wine & Cheese CS Dept. Event
NB University of New Brunswick Computer Science Unplugged: Interactive session with students on computing concepts without using computers at all CS Dept. Event
PE University of Prince Edward Island Video game development competition for high school and junior high students CS Dept. Event
NS Acadia University So You Think You Can Dance Camp: Robotics Camp CS Dept. Event;
NS Dalhousie University Faculty visits to local high schools CS Dept. Event
NS St. Francis Xavier University Video series: The Machine that Changed the World CS Dept. Event
NF Memorial University CS Education Day and Poster Campaign CS Dept. Event


Additional CS Education Week Events: